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As the industry leader in Trial Master File best practices, Phlexglobal understands the reasons why some companies fail inspections and why others consistently do well.

While every organization is unique, these reasons inevitably come down to a single core principle: the alignment (or misalignment) of people, process, and technology surrounding the TMF. Customers place their trust in Phlexglobal because of our proven mastery over the TMF-related questions and challenges they face every day.

TMF Quality Review

TMF Quality Review 

A thorough quality assessment of your TMF, giving you detailed insight into its quality and completeness.

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TMF Heatmaps

Easily identify potential TMF problem areas and enable a risk-based remediation approach.

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TMF Study Owners

Our TMF Practitioners have successfully mastered the challenges you and your teams face every day.

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Phexglobal TMF Migrations

Migrations and Imports

Help ensure you are meeting GCP standards and regulatory requirements for essential documents.

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TMF Consulting Services

Our expert TMF consultants help your company reach and stay in the TMF Health Zone.

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TMF Training

TMF Expert Training

Generate lasting benefits to your team and improve the overall health of your TMF. 

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Get a true picture of your acquired drug’s readiness for inspection or submission--and fix any problems.

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Why choose Phlexglobal's expert services? 

Free Up Your TMF Resources

Free Up Your Internal TMF Resources

Leverage Seasoned TMF Study Owners Anytime, Anywhere

Obtain Pragmatic Training on TMF Best Practices & Technology

Conduct Efficient, Accurate TMF Migrations & Imports at Any Scale


TMF Process Optimization

Optimize Your Processes & Quality

Get a Holistic Review of Completeness, Timeliness & Quality

Pinpoint & Correct TMF Completeness Gaps

Embed TMF Best Practices Around Quality Control & Compliance

Obtain Expert Guidance for SOPs & eTMF Technologies

Make your TMF work for you.

Make Your eTMF System Work For You

Align eTMF Technology with Your People & Processes

Leverage Your eTMF to Develop & Automate Better TMF Workflows

Obtain Hands-On, System-Specific eTMF Training

Identify What eTMF Technologies Can—and Can’t—Do Well

Stay in the TMF Healthzone

Experienced people trained on effective processes using the right technology


TMF domain experts to help ensure people and processes are optimized for readiness, including: Technology and process training / Onsite TMF expertise / Expert archiving


Quality-driven Document Processing in any system helps ensure completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of documents


Customer-driven software designed by the TMF experts specifically for TMF requirements, aligned with the TMF Reference Model

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