PhlexTMF Express

Improve inspection-readiness faster with pre-configured, validated software built on Trial Master File best-practices

Our customers are usually up and running with PhlexTMF Express in 7-10 days, since the software has already been configured to Trial Master File best practices. 



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Purpose-built eTMF Software, Ready from Day One  

PhlexTMF Express is an ideal solution for companies seeking best-of-breed eTMF software to improve inspection-readiness and productivity, without the need for customization.  

 Built by Phlexglobal, the global authority in Trial Master File best practices, PhlexTMF Express incorporates our “gold standard” eTMF configuration out of the box – so you can get up to speed quickly and with confidence. 


 PhlexTMF Express provides you with: 

Phlexglobal's purpose-built, expert eTMF software

Digital document processing for active studies

Flexibility from per-study pricing

AI-assisted Indexing

Phlexglobal's 'Gold standard' best practices configuration, processes, and services

Quality Control (QC)

TMF Reference Model Structure

PhlexTMF mobile scanning and classification app (iOS & Android)

User management & study set-up

Query set-up and management

eLearning training for users

Audit and inspection support

Automatic software upgrades

Read-only viewing for closed studies

Global support

Completeness reporting

Have more complex requirements such as multiple TMF structures or unique processing requirements? Check out
PhlexTMF Enterprise

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