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Innovative Trial Master File Management for higher quality output via automation



eTMF Innovation Driven by customers, built by the TMF authority

PhlexTMF lets you improve inspection-readiness and organizational efficiency through embedded TMF best practices, the industry’s only AI-assisted eTMF, a mobile app that classifies during scanning, and embedded, configurable TMF Quality Review.


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PhlexTMF helps improve....

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Gain management control over your TMF to minimize risk and optimize TMF Health
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Streamline TMF operations to reduce effort and cost


Establish and maintain consistency and quality throughout the TMF process
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TMF Automation in Action

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PhlexTMF Embeds the Latest TMF Best Practices Throughout the Trial Master File Lifecycle to Help Ensure Optimum Quality, Completeness, and Timeliness of Your TMF

Automate time-consuming manual processes with the industry’s only AI-assisted filing and indexing, increasing speed and quality
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Easily obtain critical insight that drives effective TMF management
eTMF App
Quickly scan and classify documents into PhlexTMF from any location at any time with our mobile app, enhancing efficiency and productivity
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Gain control and demonstrate oversight of outsourced studies
TMF Quality
Embed TMF Quality Management processes and workflows seamlessly into your organization, optimizing TMF quality with less effort
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Export your final TMF directly from PhlexTMF into a secure, long-term archive to adhere to regulatory mandates for TMF document retention
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Intuitive User Interface

A simple interface with a unique combination of tree and search navigation which offers flexible document location options which are preferred by auditors and inspectors
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Simplified Study Setup

Capture what is unique about a trial with study setup questions to address specific trial parameters and document requirements while still enforcing filing standards across the organization

eTMF Event Management

Capture study changes such as protocol amendments that affect expected documents, plus track collection and quality control event stories to verify completion 
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Wizard-Driven Completeness

Easily and visually identify missing documents with views that show documents received versus expected in real-time across trial, country, site, zone, vendor, and other parameters
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TMF Quality Review

Improve management control and oversight by replacing manual processes and spreadsheets with built in quality review workflows and best practices 

Intelligent Placeholders

Define where documents are expected which drives completeness metrics plus simplify uploads by removing the need to fill in numerous fields for every document
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Process Management

Flexible workflows help designate the path of a document from upload to inspection readiness
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Oversight and Reporting

User-configured dashboards dynamically filter results and can use heatmap visualization to show TMF timeliness and quality 

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eQuery Tracking System

Identify, communicate and track remediation of TMF issues, eliminating multiple communication paths and capturing all relevant information in one place

Discover the PhlexTMF Advantage in your Document Processing and TMF Quality Review 

As a system built specifically for Trial Master File management, PhlexTMF offers unique capabilities that improve and enhance TMF Quality Review and Document Processing. 

Document Processing

TMF Processing in PhlexEview

PhlexTMF transforms the processing of electronic trial documentation – from rapid, accurate indexing and remapping, to the accelerated identification and remediation of inconsistent or missing metadata as well as corrupted, missing, or encrypted documents.

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Quality Review

Quality Review in PhlexEview

By replacing manual processes and spreadsheets with Quality Review workflows and best practices built into Phlexglobal eTMF software PhlexTMF, you can improve management control and oversight of the Trial Master File from planning through archive.

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Improve TMF Management and Inspection-Readiness with PhlexTMF

Download the infographic, “Improve TMF Management and Inspection-Readiness with PhlexTMF” to discover why sponsors and CROs worldwide have chosen Phlexglobal’s best-of-breed eTMF to:

  • Obtain critical insight that drives effective TMF management – improving overall TMF health and inspection-readiness
  • Easily monitor the quality of internal or outsourced studies
  • Get a real-time view into completeness according to the protocol and study milestones

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