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Ben Lazarus-Pearce Photo

I have a great relationship with my colleagues from around the globe and I speak to them regularly. The culture is to support and learn from each other and our diversity makes us a really strong team.


Ben Lazarus-Pearce

Customer Success Manager

Srikant Hiremath-1

Phlexglobal is a great place to have a boost in your career. Being part of a team, you will be encouraged to be more creative and get all the support by means of collaboration with team members, technical resource support, etc. to deliver the best results faster for your tasks within the deadline.


Srikant Hiremath

Senior Software Developer (R&D)

Yuko photo

Phlexglobal has consistently prioritised my training and development over the years. I have enjoyed taking part in various projects where I can collaborate with colleagues who have shown me their great work ethics and support towards each other. 


Yuko Britton

Document Specialist (Japanese Speaking)

Annas photo

What I love about working in Phlexglobal are the opportunities it gives you. The opportunities to grow, develop and get to know your strengths and weaknesses but also to get to know your drive and passion.

I started at Phlexglobal as a Document Specialist but soon after I was given the opportunity to work in the Finance Department as Business Analyst alongside the HR Department. This allowed me to discover what I really love doing, what my real passion is and where I want to develop, and this turned out to be HR. Currently, I am an HR Advisor, and I am growing my career further! Thanks to Phlex I found my love and passion to HR.


Anna Kasperek

HR Advisor


I work for the TMF Operations department. If you ask me what the most interesting part of my job is, I would say the multiple document management systems and their functionalities. Every client has a different requirement and we need to be very adaptable.


Prashanth Sabhavat

Document Specialist III

Marcins photo-1-1

Working here has allowed me to plan the career path that is right for me and further it, both personally and professionally. From a position of a Document Administrator to an Expert Services Lead, the leadership have invested in and continuously supported my growth. Recognized as the TMF Experts, Phlexglobal prides itself on its employees’ professionalism and dedication.


Marcin Hernik

Expert Services Lead

Karen Fennell​

Since joining Phlexglobal, I have progressed very quickly in my career from professional growth to personal development. My commitment and determination made it possible. I enjoy collaborating with team members from all aspects of the business to ensure we deliver great outcomes.


Karen Fennell

TMF Champion

Kasias photo-1

Phlexglobal gives great opportunities to meet people from around the world. Not only, do we have different nationalities in the company, but also multinational clients. When working remotely, our communication is based on meetings on the Teams channel and email messages. Such cooperation enables us to come across amazing people, as well as discover new workstyles. You would be surprised how different nationalities have a different approach. My global colleagues helped me build self-confidence.


Kasia Panasiuk 

Customer Success Analyst 

Jenny Fisher Photo

Phlexglobal have consistently offered varied and rewarding roles. I have progressed from a Document Quality Specialist working across multiple clients and various TMF systems, both paper and electronic to a TMF Study Owner role. This was an exciting change and a very different role to anything I’d done previously. After 6 years in this role, I was promoted to Team Leader managing my own team of Study Owners.


Jenny Fisher

Team Leader


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