TMF Document Digitization

Transform Your Paper Documents Into High-quality Digital Assets

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Are You Having These Issues?...

  • You have a bunch of boxes filled with documents and don't know what's in them.
  • You acquired a company that had their studies all in "paper", but your policy is to have everything electronic.
  • An inspection is coming up and you want to digitize this paper study to make your TMF easier to inspect.
  • You want to free up some office space or save money on a long term rent for all your paper documents.
  • You understand that electronic form of documents are much safe and more reliable.

Why Digitize with Phlexglobal?

  • We understands the needs of eTMF regulations around scanning. We give you a true replica of the paper original through the certified copy process.
  • We are able to do the classification, remapping, adding fields and codes to upload into an eTMF system.
  • We have the experience of performing hundreds of these projects.
  • We have fit-for-purpose software that assists us on large projects to make sure scans are done correctly, audited and in the right place and in the software of your choosing.
  • We can provide add on services like Quality Review and completeness checking on the paper on the way in.
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Electronic Processes

How It Works?

Example Project

  1.   eTMF preparation / implementation
        Build data folders / data structure.
  2.   Record management
        Document shipment into our Records Centre.
  3.   Certified scanning
        Records to be digitized and uploaded into PhlexTMF.
  4.   Study is in client's eTMF
        Ability to search, view and report on content.

Don't Stop There!

TMF management doesn't stop there. Stay ahead of the game with your new studies and start out electronically.

Keep compliant with our Clinical Document Processing:

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