Simple, Self-Service Archiving Directly from Phlexglobal eTMF Software Helps Organizations Adhere to Regulatory Mandates

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Creating a Secure, Long-Term and Compliant TMF Archive Is Now at Your Fingertips

With PhlexArchive, you can easily export your Trial Master File from PhlexTMF – Phlexglobal’s advanced eTMF SaaS software – into a secure, searchable, long-term archive. You remain compliant with requirements for TMF document retention, while preserving audit information and data for easy access at any time by your staff or inspectors, from anywhere in the world.


With a click of a button within PhlexTMF, your study content is converted to long-term readable format PDF/A and XML. It includes all documents (PDF, native, and non-page), metadata, audit trail, EMS XML, and XLSX export listing.


Your TMF is always available to search and view online in PhlexArchive, with metadata keyword search and “tree” navigation UI to easily find data and documents.

Secure, Long-Term Archiving in
5 Simple Steps


1. Assessment

Study ready for long-term archival (inspection risk low)

2. Conversion

Study content is converted to long-term readable format PDF/A and XML

3. Transfer

Study is transferred over encrypted connection to long-term archiving system; chain of custody is preserved

4. Archival

Study is made available to search & view online in PhlexTMFArchive

5. Maintenance

Study is preserved for 25+ years for client Archivists and Inspectors

A seamless, Powerful, Compliant Archiving Solution

PhlexArchive Assess Readiness



Assess the archive-readiness of the study in PhlexTMF and archive when complete

After Archiving




After archiving, easily search for documents and metadata

Real Time views



Obtain real-time views of archive status right from PhlexTMF

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