Improve TMF Oversight and Quality During Processing

Built-in tools make the PhlexTMF of choice for TMF Professionals

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Jason Doeson
Computer Science Graduate of 2015

TMF Processing in PhlexEview

Leverage built-in, configurable workflows to increase management oversight and quality control during TMF document processing

As SaaS software built specifically for Trial Master File management, eTMF software PhlexTMF offers unique capabilities to transform the processing of electronic trial documentation – from rapid, accurate indexing and remapping, to the accelerated identification and remediation of inconsistent or missing metadata as well as corrupted, missing, or encrypted documents.

Phlexglobal has specialized in TMF Management for more than a decade. That experience is baked into PhlexTMF to help you better manage your day-to-day TMF processing so you can focus on quality and not on administration. 

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