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Phlexglobal’s PhlexEview is the ideal eTMF for Contract Research Organizations


In today’s marketplace, electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) is viewed as a competitive differentiator for Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

eTMFs offer CROs the opportunity to:

  • Enable your Sponsor oversight in an easy and cost-effective way
  • Increase Inspection Readiness through management of timeliness, quality and completeness
  • Provide a compliant eTMF offering to your current and potential Sponsor partners

Built on 20 years of TMF experience, Phlexglobal has a unique understanding of the industry’s TMF challenges and opportunities, and we partner with our clients to complement your capabilities with our expertise to deliver measurable results. 

Our best-of-breed eTMF, PhlexEview, is optimally designed to very efficiently enable teams to work within the system, and flexible enough to support multiple client standards, conventions and TMF structures – key criteria for any CRO looking to select the right eTMF system and TMF partner.

eTMF is a commercial imperative for CROs

30% of CROs offer an eTMF capability, and they report a broad range of benefits related to Audit and Inspection Readiness.

Most sponsors are comfortable with, and many prefer that, their CRO manage eTMF(s) in their system on their behalf.

There is a substantial market opportunity for CROs to become more competitive by becoming eTMF-enabled.

CROs report that most Requests for Proposals ask for an eTMF capability to be provided by potential CRO partners.

PhlexEview for CROs offers you and your customers  optimum inspection-readiness through superior collaboration, communication, and workflows 

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Why offering eTMF makes sense for CROs

Structure a commercial arrangement that offers predictable costs for your customers


Support your business development teams who can leverage Phlexglobal’s market leadership, name recognition, presentations, proposal content, and key differentiators to drive more business


Partner through every phase of an implementation to share our knowledge on how to support the broad range of industry expectations for paper and electronic TMF content management with accelerators, such as templates to capture Client Conventions


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Why PhlexEview is the right eTMF for CROs

Manage multiple TMF structures to meet the varying filing needs of many clients, with the ability to apply study-specific logic to the default TMF structure easily


Provide highly configurable workflows and auto-assign activities and tasks to your staff based on priority


Report on the Completeness of an eTMF at any point in time and better facilitate TMF Quality Review


Offer site access for electronic Investigator Site File and provide a cost-effective long term archiving solution for you or your sponsors

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