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Eldin Rammell

With over 30 years experience in the field of records management, my objective is to help Phlexglobal clients to improve working practices, processes and systems through better use of their information assets.... their records! Improvements are achievable through increased efficiency, better regulatory, legal or fiscal compliance, more effective processes. Records management can be a pivotal factor in achieving these improvements.

Recent Posts

TMF Risk-Based Quality Control: What Does this Really Mean?

Trial Master File (TMF) quality control is a topic that always seems to be present on conference agendas and it invokes ...

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EMA’s Trial Master File Guidance is in Effect. Are You Ready?

Adapted from an April 2019 Phlexglobal webinar presented by Eldin Rammell. For a more detailed discussion of the new ...

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TMF as a Part of the Bigger Records Management Picture

It is interesting – at least to some of us! – that the management of trial master file content has developed into such ...

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