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Spotlight on the TMF Reference Model!

September 2, 2014

Industry accepted reference model for Trial Master File content Version 3.0 development starting imminently – get involved! Other initiatives – Usability, Metrics, Interoperability Quality The Trial Master File Reference Model (TMF RM), a supported initiative of the Drug Information Association’s … Read more

2nd UK PhlexEview and eTMF User Group – written by Gillian Gittens, Head of Marketing

April 16, 2014

The 2nd UK PhlexEview and eTMF User Group was opened by Managing Director Stella Donoghue, who welcomed our client attendees and Phlexglobal staff, and provided an update on Phlexglobal and the TMF landscape. She also expressed the company’s goals to … Read more

Phlexglobal being Disruptive! – written by Gillian Gittens, Business Development & Marketing Manager

March 18, 2014

John Lazenby, Technical Development Director; Carl Rhone, our newest Business Development Manager and myself, Gillian Gittens, attended and exhibited the inaugural Disruptive Innovation in Clinical Trials Conference in London last week. This conference was marketed with headlines such as “Discover … Read more

What to Expect When the MHRA are Inspecting…….by Liz Hooper, Archiving & Records Management Consultant, Phlexglobal

November 14, 2013

I was lucky enough to be invited to join the first MHRA Stakeholders Engagement Meeting; a meeting replacing the previous separate GCP, GLP, GPvP and GMP meetings, as some of the information the MHRA want to pass onto industry representatives … Read more

Project Management Academy Update

October 2, 2013

Written by David Saunders The Phlexglobal Project Management Academy (PMA) was launched in February 2013 and I was fortunate enough to be included in the first intake of students. We are now around six months into the program and I … Read more

Phlexglobal Project Management Academy Update

August 6, 2013

Written by Lynn Ferguson, Operations Team Lead This year, Phlexglobal has launched a new and exciting programme called the Project Management Academy (PMA). The aim of this endeavour is to build high performing Project Management staff while providing Phlexglobal employees … Read more

International Clinical Trials Day

May 20, 2013

By Dr Gareth Hayes, Head of Training and Personal Development, Phlexglobal. Because “It’s okay to ask”. That’s the short slogan for the wonderful team at the Nottingham group of hospitals as they go about promoting clinical research to their patient … Read more

ICR Ethics & GCP Forum

April 2, 2013

Written by Dr Gareth Hayes, Head of Training and Personal Development, Phlexglobal. How refreshing to see a full house at a session on GCP! Well, this was the year’s first Ethics & GCP Forum, organised by ICR, hosted by UCL … Read more

Proposed changes to the EU Directives

January 21, 2013

Written by Liz Hooper, Records Management and Archiving Consultant, Phlexglobal and GCP-RMA President. When the 2001 EU Directive was introduced there were high expectations of increased patient safety, improved data from a streamlined process, harmonised across all the member states … Read more

New Guide to be published on e-Archiving in the 21st Century

November 13, 2012

Say archiving and what do you think of? Ancient parchments? Dusty vaults? Curators as old as their prized historical records? The focus of the recent SAG Autumn Conference in Bristol was e-Archiving, with the approach and progress on the publication presented to members whilst giving them the opportunity to contribute to the guide… Read more

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