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New Developments in IDMP: What You Need to Know, and What You Can Do Today


With the EMA expected to be the first health agency to mandate compliance with ISO IDMP (with the FDA not far behind), organizations face a rapidly shortening timeframe to prepare for this the highly complex compliance mandate.

Complete the brief form on this page to download Phlexglobal’s latest executive brief, “New Developments in IDMP: What You Need to Know, and What You Can Do Today.” You’ll benefit from our extensive compliance and technology expertise in life sciences, as well as Phlexglobal’s experience helping some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies prepare for IDMP.

With the IDMP brief, you will:

  • Receive a helpful overview of IDMP and the February 2020 release from the EMA of the IDMP Product Management Services Implementation Guide, version 1 (“EU IG v1”)
  • Obtain practical recommendations to help streamline your preparations for IDMP
  • Discover how AstraZeneca was able to accelerate their IDMP project timelines with far less manual effort – while gaining built-in preparation for future IDMP iterations

Complete this short form to read the executive brief.

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