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10 Key Steps to Help you Prepare for IDMP Compliance

How to get started, and tips for streamlining your IDMP compliance efforts


Is your organization ready for IDMP? With the publication of the EU Implementation Guide v2.0 on February 22 2021, time is running out for companies with more than one or two marketing-authorized products in the EU to prepare effectively.

Download our free guide, “10 Key Steps to Help You Prepare for IDMP Compliance,” to benefit from Phlexglobal’s experience helping some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies prepare for IDMP.

You’ll save time and effort by leveraging a practical and proven blueprint for implementing IDMP - from performing an effective data source analysis and determining data governance and processes, to defining your system architecture. What’s more, our IDMP experts share valuable tips throughout the guide from their hands-on IDMP experience.

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