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Using Habits to Counter COVID-19 Stress and Support TMF Health

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The Covid-19 crisis has led to unprecedented changes in procedures and communications, impacting the ability of staff to focus on being productive while juggling competing demands. 

Companies are leveraging their teams’ ability to work from home, but this has its own disadvantages. Everyone is working under incredibly high stress loads and distractions.

One way to address these challenges is by recognizing poor drivers for productivity and harness the energy-compression aspects of habit formation.

Now is the time to develop productive habits as a team, as we rely on one another for increased levels of compassion, flexibility and support. This can lead to a better working environment, better working habits, and an increase in our personal and TMF Health. 

During this webinar you will learn how to inspire corporate, departmental and individual compliance. We will examine how to create a culture of compliance and how to include inspection readiness into daily operations.

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Marc Webb
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A highly-capable Professional Services Manager, Marc is has experience leading matrixed teams to achieve measurable improvement in billable revenue and client satisfaction. Marc is often highly sought to lead change management, quality and training initiatives.

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