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Our product offerings are considered highly innovative in the industry for their out-of-the-box best practices capabilities, use of automation technology, and user-focused design.


Why Choose Phlexglobal Regulatory Software?


Faster time to approval


Optimized revenue opportunities


Increased efficiency and accuracy

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Improved planning and tracking of regulatory activities


Faster, more accurate Health Authority communications

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Global compliance with current and future needs



Registration planning, tracking and management built for both your data and automation of your key processes.

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A single regulatory database that will help you to avoid redundant data that exists within your submissions.

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Control all your documents in one place. Share it with your colleagues in a controlled environment.

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Comprehensive xEVMPD software for managing your medicinal product information.

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A complete submission publishing solution for life sciences.

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Out-of-the-box, pre-configured & validated eCTD solution.

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