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Rely on Phlexglobal for highly secure, long-term preservation of electronic clinical content



PhlexEarchive provides a proven and secure solution for the long-term preservation of electronic content. The original data is never removed from the offline e-Archive system.


Easily comply with regulatory mandates for archiving content

PhlexEarchive is a secure electronic archiving system that enables the long-term preservation of electronic content. Utilizing advanced technologies and best practices for both logical and physical security, the solution minimizes the risk of accidental or deliberate damage, change, or loss of documentation.

PhlexEarchive transforms TMF documents into PDF/A format and creates a standard XML backbone for the associated metadata, both of which are stored securely offline.

Key features and benefits of PhlexEarchive include:

  • Meets regulatory requirements for long-term preservation of content
  • Reduces maintenance costs for servers, operating systems, and application software
  • Offers 100% data integrity
  • Provides 24-hour document retrieval
  • Generates three secure copies of your data
  • Includes comprehensive insurance coverage
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