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TMF Technology

Phlexglobal is completely unique and flexible in that we can provide both an electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) system and the resource, processes and solution for effective Trial Master File (TMF) management, either together as an umbrella TMF Service (outsourced TMF management), or as separate offerings. Phlexglobal can also process documents into client eTMF systems but significant efficiencies can be gained through the ability to deliver both aspects of the process, as the client pays for the service alone, rather than the system and the service.

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What our customers say about us…

Phlexglobal has experience in handling eTMF documents and has this as its core competency. It makes sense to outsource to them.” – Associate Director of MRP Management, US pharma

PhlexEview is a very good solution. It is very simple and user friendly. We have trained around 500 people to use it. The training sessions were booked for 1.5 hrs and out of that, around 15 minutes needed to be spent going through the actual user interface. Teams who are starting from scratch have absolutely no issues what so ever with it.” – Global Head TMF Management, top 25 global pharma

“There are CROs that have the capability to do it, some do have the electronic systems. But there isn’t anybody I know who provides as good a solution as Phlexglobal.” – Senior Director in Clinical Operations, top 20 global pharma

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