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Phlexglobal Project Management Academy Update

Written by Lynn Ferguson, Operations Team Lead


This year, Phlexglobal has launched a new and exciting programme called the Project Management Academy (PMA). The aim of this endeavour is to build high performing Project Management staff while providing Phlexglobal employees a platform from which they can progress to a career in Project Management. The programme combines practical, company-specific training with a certification course through the Project Management Institute (PMI). Over the course of the programme, students take up secondments in each area of the business, attend bespoke training courses hosted by subject matter experts within Phlexglobal and complete online course study through the PMI. Graduates of the programme become a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), which is a nationally and internationally recognised qualification in Project Management.

I am one of the first students of the Project Management Academy and my experiences so far have offered me a broadened perspective of both Phlexglobal and Project Management. My training programme has been tailored to fit my personal development needs. Phlexglobal has also sponsored me in membership to the PMI, as well as offering financial support for my CAPM qualification. This is a truly exciting and unique opportunity for Phlexglobal employees. I look forward to successfully completing the programme and hope that in turn I can mentor a future student of the Phlexglobal Project Management Academy.


"There are CROs that have the capability to do it, some do have the electronic systems. But there isn’t anybody I know who provides as good a solution as Phlexglobal."
Senior Director in Clinical Operations, top 20 global pharma
"Phlexglobal has experience in handling eTMF documents and has this as its core competency. It makes sense to outsource to them."
Associate Director of MRP Management, US pharma

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