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Phlexglobal is passionate about career development and ensuring training is ‘fit for purpose’. Our courses provide delegates from the pharma, biotech, medical device and lifescience industries with theoretical knowledge combined with practical information. Dr. Gareth Hayes, of Gareth Hayes Associates, our training provider, delivers courses ranging from two hour ‘bite-sized’ or modular sessions to full day courses or full curricula programmes.

Our courses can be provided off-the-shelf or can also be customized to client needs. They all focus on soft skills as well as knowledge-based training. In addition to the blend of knowledge and skills we provide training that is exciting, stimulating and relevant, with a deliberate and accurate focus on achieving set learning and business objectives.


TMF Training Curriculum

Phlexglobal has designed a comprehensive training curriculum for people working with the TMF. As TMF Management is the primary focus of Phlexglobal, this has given us an insight into various system and process challenges and solutions around paper and electronic TMFs and moving from one to the other, which is applied throughout our training courses.


Download TMF Training Curriculum Flyer

National Health Service (NHS) / Non-Commercial Training Curriculum

Phlexglobal is able to support the training needs of clinical research professionals working within the NHS and non-commercial organizations through a dedicated yet flexible curriculum covering a range of topics.


Download NHS Curriculum Flyer

What our customers say about us…

“The best training I have ever attended.”– Director of UK Operations, top 30 global Pharma

“Most people say that GCP is so dry but I actually quite like it and you make it very light-hearted and very informative.   As I said on the day, every time I come to your training, I learn something new, even though I’ve been working with GCP for years.”  – Midwifery Research Practitioner/GCP Consultant, non commercial institution

“Thanks for an entertaining day- so much easier to remember the material than when it’s presented in a dry and boring way, as it so often is!”  – Research Nurse, non commercial institution

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